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Where the Fox the Box?

*Please note this blog post has been transferred from our old blog to this one. It was written before our launch in June 2019*

Hello, beautiful people! If you’ve been wondering exactly what it says in the title, we have some extremely exciting news for you.

If you are new to us, we welcome you with open arms and tight hugs – as always. Just to get us acquainted – Lemonade Box is a monthly subscription box service, specialising in self-care. We will be officially launching in June and our purpose is to deliver 5-6 unique, handpicked products straight to your door every month.

Sourced from local businesses and brands across the globe, each product is expertly curated to reduce stress and encourage self-care, mindfulness and positive thinking. Our boxes include a mixture of sample and full sized products, which we intend on keeping as a surprise until they arrive at your door – just so you can look forward to your Lemonade Box that little bit extra! Details of pricing will be confirmed this month.

Now – back to the news! After a long wait, we are ecstatic to announce that our first batch of boxes have arrived and are ready to be shipped when we officially launch next month – June.

This batch of boxes are limited edition and were meticulously designed to mark the first few months of the Lemonade Box launch. So, be sure to order as soon as we give you the heads up, because we can assure you, you won’t be disappointed and once they’re gone – they’re gone!

With regard to the design, we are completely over the moon with how it has turned out. As you can see by the image, we decided to go with a pink watercolour theme. We agreed on flushes of pink, because we wanted to embrace the blossom season and the fact that summer is almost here.

In terms of the watercolour patterns, we really wanted a design that would evoke positive connotations of creativity, expression and imagination. This was particularly important to us, because we strongly believe that all three of these things are central to living a happy and healthy life. Day-to-day, we should express ourselves as much as we can, whether that’s through our own voice, artwork, written pieces or any other outlet, because what you have to say and how you are feeling always matters!

The boxes are conveniently sized (21cm x 14cm x 8cm) and they showcase our lovely logo, our website (, which will be up and running this month and our unforgettable slogan: ‘when life gives you lemons, we give you lemonade’.

We are tremendously excited to share these boxes with you when we launch and we hope you love and appreciate the limited edition design as much as we do! As you know, we believe expression is very important. So, if you would like to give us feedback on our box design, we would be more than happy to read about it in the comments.

We hope you have a wonderful month and we will be counting down the days until we see you in June!

P.S. If you haven't already, check out our sister brand: Pyjama Drama Box! It's the UK's ONLY bimonthly pyjama and self-care subscription box. You'll receive 1 full set of luxury pyjamas, plus 3-4 incredible self-care products. Check out the website here.

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