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The Lovely Little News #1

1. All 180,000 Notre Dame Bees Survived the Fire

After an anxious wait, Nicolas Géant – the cathedral’s beekeeper recently confirmed that firefighters at the scene of the Notre Dame fire were finally in a position to check on his bees, which have been occupying the space on top of the church since 2013. Furthermore, it is with great joy that we relay the BBC’s announcement that despite the horrific fire, all 180,000 honeybees are alive and well!

2. Researchers Create ‘Roadmap’ for Saving Earth from Climate Change Ahead of Its 2050 Deadline

A Finnish university have published a global roadmap on exactly how we can reduce our carbon emissions before the 2050 deadline. It breaks down how the world’s regions can transition to 100% renewable energy in cost-effective ways, for the purpose of preventing the consequences of irreversible climate change.

It is the first of its kind to highlight cost-effective strategies and researchers have insisted that the suggestions mentioned are extremely feasible!

3. Man Saves Dozens of Pups with Social Media Page

To share his love of dogs, Matt Nelson created a Twitter page where he rated pictures of them on a scale of 1/10. It is important to note that every dog received and continues to receive a 10.

It quickly received lots of attention and now has millions of online followers. Although this is a great achievement for someone who loves dogs, Nelson wanted more than internet fame – he wanted to make a difference.

For this reason, in 2017, he committed to consistently sharing pup-related crowdfunding goals. To date, he has raised $552,000 in donations and has helped a total of 88 campaigns reach their goals!

4. 12 Schoolboys Talk Woman Out of Taking her Own Life

Whilst jogging through the streets, 12 young boys from Kepler Neighbourhood School in Fresno, California saw a woman climb over the edge of a bridge. If she had let go, she would have fallen 100 feet onto the train tracks below.

Not wanting her to take her own life, the boys began chanting for ten minutes – telling her that her life was worth living. Thankfully, these words of encouragement worked and the woman crossed back over to safety just before police officers arrived on the scene.

5. Rapper 50 Cent Sells Mansion and Donates All Profits to Charity

After buying the 52-room mansion from Mike Tyson back in 2004, 50 Cent recently decided to sell it for $2.9 million. He then donated all of this money to the G-Unity Foundation, which finances American non-profits that help improve the quality of life for low-income and disadvantaged communities across the United States.




We hope all this good news reminds you that there are plenty of good people in the world and there is always a reason to smile.

If you know of any positive news that you would like us to feature in our next edition of The Lovely Little News by Lemonade Box, please let us know in the comments - even if it's a personal story; we would love to hear it!

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Lots of love

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