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The Ultimate Guide to 6 of the Best Self-Care & Mindfulness Crystals

Picture this. A Roman is preparing for battle. He’s been prioritising his self-care by wearing his crystals, so he’s feeling calm and his faith is strong. He’s certain he’ll attract good health, prosperity and victory in his battle. Pretty inspiring, right?

Well, for thousands of years, people have shared rather similar beliefs. Maybe not in regards to battling with swords and daggers, but certainly in terms of battling with life’s difficulties.

Crystals are regarded as a source of healing power. Across the globe, many cultures believe that they align and transform your spirit, energy and physical health. By wearing or placing crystals under your pillow, they are said to absorb positive energy, remove negative energy and prevent sickness.

Of course, each crystal is used for a different purpose and has its own individual meaning. So, if you’re interested in finding the best crystals for your own self-care ritual, continue reading to ensure your understanding is crystal clear.



The Amethyst stone stimulates inner peace, strength and stability. It naturally reduces stress and is regarded as the crystal of contentment and spirituality. It provides clarity and is great when practising meditation. Healing: Amethyst relieves insomnia, encourages restful sleep, relaxes the mind and reduces stress. It also aids physical health by reducing swelling and bruising, as well as providing the organs and respiratory system with a good cleanse.

Green Aventurine


Aventurine encourages emotional peace, happiness and a joyous, light-hearted outlook on life. It promotes health, wellness and allows us to remain calm when we feel angry. It also stimulates compassion and provides us the motivation and creativity we sometimes need in our lives. Healing: Aventurine relieves sleep disorders, anxiety, fear and stress.

Clear Calcite


In correspondence with the healing properties of Green Aventurine, Calcite cleanses your energy and provides a light-hearted, cheerful perspective on life. It aids memory, strengthens competence in overcoming adversity, improves the trust we have in ourselves and relieves stress by relaxing the mind. As a spiritual crystal that is often connected to the higher consciousness, it also prevents laziness and facilitates the development of spirituality.

Healing: prevents blood clots, aids skin conditions, reduces stress and cleanses the organs, allowing them to remove toxins.



Ametrine, also known as trystine or bolivianite, combines the attributes of the Amethyst crystal and the Citrine crystal, to create the stone of optimism. Much like the Amethyst stone, it is great for meditation, as it enhances focus. It also creates the feeling of well-being by relieving emotional blockages and reducing both stress and tension.

Healing: Ametrine is a natural cleanser. It is beneficial for treating and recognising underlying causes for long-standing conditions. It also relieves headaches, fatigue and stress related problems including depression.

Blue Quartz


Blue Quartz is the crystal that cleanses the mental, emotional and physical bodies. It relaxes the mind and prompts us to communicate with others when necessary, improving our expressive abilities.

Healing: cleanses the blood, relieves stress and removes negative ways of thinking.

Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the crystal of forgiveness, unconditional love and eternal peace and compassion. It facilitates harmonious relationships, reduces tension and enables us to express love - not only to others, but to ourselves. In effect, Rose Quartz strengthens self-love, the confidence we have in ourselves and our ability to recognise our own self-worth.

Healing: Rose Quartz focuses on a deep, internal healing. Physically, it strengthens the circulatory system, as well as the heart. Emotionally, it enables us to express love and value ourselves.




So, you beautiful, Lemonade Box Romans. There you have it - 6 of the best healing crystals to enhance your daily rituals and help ensure you win all your battles.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of healing crystals, then please leave us a comment below.

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See you soon, beautiful people!

- Lemonade Box x

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