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The Lovely Little News #2

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West Lafayette, Indiana Gets First Ever ‘Turtle Crossing’ Signs

West Lafayette, Indiana has numerous small ponds and lagoons. Whilst this makes the city very picturesque, it isn’t great for the turtles who often end up on busy roadways and sometimes, are not able to cross the road safely.

Jack Wietbrock, an 8-year-old boy living in the city had been left heartbroken on several occasions, after seeing dead turtles on one particular street in the town. When he and his mother had to take matters into their own hands and rescue a baby turtle who had been trying to cross the road last month, Jack was determined to do something about the situation.

The same night, the heroic boy wrote a letter to Mayor, John Dennis stating: “Dear Mayor Dennis, there are turtles crossing the road and they need our help. Can you please put up a turtle crossing sign? Thank you.”

Weeks later, the Mayor responded saying that he was very touched by Jack’s compassion for wildlife and he has “had some signs made letting drivers know that there are turtles crossing the road”. What a happy ending!

Taylor Swift Sends Fan Who Can’t Afford College Tuition $6,400 to Pay It

Ayesha Khurram is a Taylor Swift super-fan, currently in her second-year at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, studying accounting. In consequence to the province’s recent cuts to student assistant programs, the student had been struggling to get the money for her upcoming semester. In addition to this, Khurram’s mother suffers from a chronic kidney disease and both of her parents work low-income jobs as Pakistani immigrants. She therefore knew she had to raise the money alone.

Her friend then suggested that she creates a Paypal account, so that people can contribute to her college fund. Just hours after creating the account, Khurram received a donation for $6,386.48 with a note stating: “Ayesha, get your learn on girl! I love you!” This donation covered the entirety of her tuition and was made by pop sensation, Taylor Swift!

Uber Driver Surprises Fast Food Worker with Her Christmas Gift Wishes

Lamiyah Jabbar is an Uber Driver from New York City. He first picked up a woman named Diane last week and they began chatting throughout the car journey. Diane mentioned that she was looking forward to Christmas, because she was wishing for house shoes, a dress for church and a new robe. While these may not seem like the most extravagant items, Diane said that she does not have much money for herself, as most of her finances go towards helping take care of her grandkids.

Following this conversation, Jabbar dropped Diane off to work. He then abstained from picking up any more passengers and headed to Old Navy to do some shopping. He returned to Diane’s place of work shortly after and surprised her with a new dress, plus a $50 Visa gift card for the shoes and robe she so badly wanted.

In a heartwarming quote, Jabbar stated: “This was on my mind from the moment she got out my car, so I had to contribute,” Jabbar wrote in the Instagram video caption. “Can you imagine waiting till Christmas just to get a robe, house shoes and an outfit for church? We tend to take things for granted, but why not help someone else if you can?” Truly beautiful words!

6 Legged Puppy Adopted by Bullied Boy and Given a Forever Home

When this beautiful 8-week-old puppy was born with six legs, there was a strong possibility that her breeders were going to have her euthanised. However, 15-year-old Luke Salmon from Orpington, Kent, found the pup online and fell in love with her. She has now been adopted by his family and is able to bring joy to Luke, who often gets bullied at school for his skin condition.

Luke suffers with psoriasis - a condition that leaves the skin with red, flaky and itchy patches. Having this new pup in the family has brought a whole new realm of therapy to Luke’s life. He often feels like the odd one out, as a result of his skin condition. But now, Salmon states that he’s got a best friend to match. His mother further states that she thinks the puppy “will reduce Luke’s stress and that should help his skin.”

The Labrador-mix puppy’s two extra font legs hinder her gait, resulting in her hopping around on her back legs like a kangaroo. Luke therefore named her “Roo” and they make each other extremely happy. It’s a match made in heaven.

Stranger’s Kindness Towards Anxious Senior Leaves Passengers in Tears

Many airline passengers were left “sobbing with happy tears” after witnessing a man’s compassion towards a scared, elderly woman. A passenger, named Megan Ashley was flying from San Diego to Nashville last month, when she overheard a 96-year-old woman expressing her anxiety. The elderly woman was nervous, because she had not flown in 15 years. As the plane began to take off, the woman asked the young man sitting next to her if she could possibly hold is hand.

She hugged him when the plane was experiencing turbulence and the man gladly took her hand, let her hold onto him and calmed her down by explaining exactly what was happening. He helped her stand up when she needed to go to the restroom and he watched her carefully walk down the aisle, making sure she was safe and steady.

When they got off the plane, he even insisted on holding her bag, helping her into a wheelchair and staying with her until she saw her daughter, who she was meeting. What a gentleman.




What a great bunch of stories! We don't know about you, but stories like these really inspire us to be better people and spread as much love and positivity as we can. It costs nothing to be a good person. Kindness goes a long way and you have no idea what it could mean to some people. You never know what somebody is going through, so whenever and wherever you can, always be good to those around you and be as kind as you would like to be treated.

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Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback we'd love to hear it. Also, if there are any stories that you'd like us to cover in The Lovely Little News, please do get in touch. We'll be posting another one of these articles soon, so keep an eye out!

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