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November 2019 Lemonade Box

Hello, lovelies! We hope you're all well. In this post, you'll find all the information you need to know about was in the November 2019 box, including the retail prices.

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Now, let's get started.

Indian Clay Non-Foaming Cleanser by Botanical Lab - £6.99

Ah, remember when we posted this as our first spoiler? Well, we’ve been absolutely dying to give it to you since then. Why? Because it’s incredible. We know you all loved our previous Botanical Lab product, so we decided to spoil you, yet again, with another beauty. This one helps to deep cleanse the skin by removing excess oil, dirt and makeup. It is formulated especially for blemish prone skin, using Indian clay and Kaolin to detoxify and gently exfoliate dead skin cells. This unclogging formula is vegan friendly and contains botanicals, including sunflower seed oil, oat powder and oatmeal to really help condition your skin. We told you - incredible!

All Purpose Sleep Balm by Feather and Down - £7.00

Trying to sleep in November can sometimes feel rather impossible. The busyness, the fireworks, the excited children, the deadlines - you name it. It’s pretty rough, but don’t worry, because we’re always thinking of you. We’ve thrown in this absolute gem to ensure you’re getting all the rest you need to feel as fresh as a daisy during this crazy month. Made from a blend of moisturising Vitamin E and relaxing essential oils, this balm was designed to create a calming fragrance to ease your mind and encourage a tranquil, untroubled sleep. Simply place a suitable amount on your pulse points and allow yourself to drift off.

Creme de Coconut and Keratin Smoothing Hair Oil by Creightons - £3.99

If you’re ever feeling doubtful about self-care and what to do, always remember that ‘care’ rhymes with ‘hair’. So, this is always a good place to start. Just like all the other parts of your body, mind and soul, your hair needs love and attention, too. This super-blend of coconut oil, keratin and argan oil helps to seal split ends, smooth flyaways and add shine for sleek, manageable hair. What more could your hair possibly need? Simply apply a small amount to the mid-lengths to ends of damp hair and style as usual. Can be applied to dry hair to smooth split ends. Keep product out of direct sunlight.

Original Clear Balm by Dr. Paw Paw - £6.95

So, you know how everyone has a list of things that they simply cannot live without? Your favourite TV programme, a puppy, your pillow, oxygen… You get the idea. Well, everyone will have a difference list, but no matter what yours looks like, we’re certain this product is going to find its way right to the top! It is a multi-purpose formula, made in the UK. The main ingredient is fermented Pawpaw, which has natural healing qualities and is often believed to be the finest natural medicine yet discovered. The balm can be used on sunburn or irritations, as a skin protector, a moisturiser, a hair conditioner, a lip finisher and even nappy cream! Combined with its handy size, we’re pretty sure this is one of the best items we’ve laid our eyes on.

Foot Therapy Collagen Infused Bootie by BeautyPro £4.95

Excuse us, while we say it louder for those in the back… Your feet need love and self-care, too! Foot Therapy is a dual layered anti-ageing treatment bootie, combined with marine collagen, cooling peppermint and fruit extracts to nourish and deeply moisturise. The removable toe tip makes it easy to work on the toe nails, whilst your feet experience a soothing and hydrating treat! This gorgeous treatment leaves the feet soft, supple and rehydrated. It’s suitable for all skin types and is easy to use. Simply cleanse the feet and then slide them into the booties. Remove the toe tip if required and then remove after 20 minutes. Once removed, work the excess serum into the feet and allow to dry. Trust us, after this treatment, your feet won’t be able TOE thank you enough!

Help Me Say Hello to Winter Candle by Help Me Organics - £11.00

We all love a candle in the winter. What’s even better, is this candle is brand new, meaning you’re the first one to get your hands on it! Now, when you’re tired from work and all you want to do is get cosy in front of the TV, or perhaps get yourself into a nice warm bath, you can also enjoy the blend of organic essential oils, including: clove, ginger, sweet orange, lemon and fir needle that this beautiful soy wax candle has to offer! It is antibacterial, protective, spicy and simply perfect for winter. It’s safe to say that your November self-care moments just got a little more snug!




Thanks for reading all about the November 2019 Lemonade Box. For those of you who received one, thank you very much for your order! The November boxes sold out extremely quickly for the 4th month in a row and of course, we were so very happy about that!

The December Lemonade Box contents will be up very soon, so keep an eye out.

Lots of love,

Lemonade Box

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