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Not Just a Beauty Box

*Please note: this post was transferred from our old blog to this one. October 2019 boxes are now sold out. Also, if you haven't already - check out our sister brand: Pyjama Drama Box - the UK's only bimonthly pyjama and self-care subscription box!*

Hello, you gorgeous human beings! As always, we hope you’re all doing very well and we hope you’re making some time for yourselves to practice self-care in the ways that you enjoy. Those of you who received your October Lemonade Box already, and those of you who decided to read our blog post on the contents of this month’s box before you made a purchase, have something in common. And we’re not going to tell you. Ha-ha! End of blog post!

Just kidding. It’s obviously not the end. And we’ll obviously tell you, because we love ya! Right, the thing you have in common, aside from your sensational taste in subscription boxes and reading material, is the fact that you know we included a Muffin Mix by the lovely brand that is, Creative Nature.

Now, it’s possible, we’re not going to deny it, that you might have thought: “what on earth is this doing in my box?” Well, we’ll tell ya. We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but since the beginning of our journey, we’ve been emphasising the fact that we are not just a beauty box. We are in fact, a self-care box. Of course, we will include items that fall into the “beauty” category, but that’s because after engaging in meaningful conversations with many of you subscribers and target audiences members, we know that little goodies such as the Rose Quartz Lip Plump (worth £29.99, might we add!) that we included in our previous box, make you feel good about yourselves – and as a self-care subscription box, making you feel good about yourselves is our top priority; what even is self-care if it isn’t making you feel happy and at peace with life?

With that being said, self-care is so, so versatile and there are so many layers. This is exactly what we tried to demonstrate this month, with the Muffin Mix. Do you feel us? Just think about it. We all need to take a break from our day-to-day routines and we all need some time out to be free from our worries, responsibilities and anything else that might get us down in our everyday lives. So, what better way to be free from all of this, than to get yourselves in the kitchen and start baking? If you already love baking, we’re certain that you fell in love with this item as soon as you saw it in your box. If you’re not much of a baker, that’s completely fine! According to scientific research, trying something new gives us humans a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Who doesn’t love to feel like that?

You could invite your friends and/or family over to help you bake, if you’re a parent, you could have your kid(s) help out and let them lick the spoon (maybe, depending on how good it looks and how hungry you are… It’s ok, we don’t judge), or, if you’d rather some alone time, you could bake them by yourself and later, if you’re up for it, invite some good company over to enjoy (or spit out) the finished products! Although they may not seem conventional and may not automatically spring to mind when you think of self-care, all of these options are perfect examples of it. Think about the fun and laughs you’ll have with the company you’ve chosen, or the alone time you’ll have to be free from the demands of your day-to-day routine, or the sense of accomplishment and confidence you’ll gain.

This, my friends, is the beauty of self-care. There are so many layers and they’re all about finding the time to do whatever it is you like, to simply be. There’s no room for sadness or worries, just happiness and enjoyment. Do you know what the best part is? The fact that we, at Lemonade Box, are here to help introduce you to all of the different layers self-care entails. Whether it’s skincare, ingredients, bath items, foods or so much more, we will be there to talk you through it all and show you that self-care and happiness is all around you and is always waiting to be snapped up!

We hope you enjoyed this Lemonade Box Blog post. Our October boxes are almost sold out, so if you’d like to purchase one, be sure to click here… Fast! We also have a special deal on at the moment. With the code: ROSE15, you can receive your first two boxes for just £17, plus a FREE Rose Quartz Lip Plump (worth £29.99). If you’re not much of a makeup kinda gal - or guy, you can use the code: HALLOWEEN to receive the same deal, except you’ll receive a mystery gift.

We can’t wait for you to join the family. Take care, lovelies.

All our love,

Lemonade Box :)

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