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5 Forms of Self-Care to Practice at Home

Hey, lovelies! We hope you're all well. How's your self-care going? Good? Not so good? Don't worry. Whatever the case, we've decided to list 5 things you can do at home to help you practice some good old, self-care.

The term 'self-care' is defined as the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular, during periods of stress. It can take many forms and varies between individuals. However you choose to practice self-care is completely up to you and any form that works for you, is brilliant. But, in case you needed more inspiration, or you have no idea where to start, we've made a list. A list of self-care practices you can undertake, at home, that will look after your mind and body.

So, let's get straight to it. Your new self-care Sunday check-list!

1. #ShamelessPlug - First of all, get yourself a Lemonade Box

A monthly box full of self-care essentials, handpicked and selected to encourage you to take some time out of your busy life and look after yourself. Each month, your Lemonade Box features 5-6 cruelty free items to aid you on your self-care journey and a 'Monthly Mission', to encourage mindfulness and positive thinking. It's also designed to take you out of your comfort zone, even if it's just a little - we want to see you grow and we want to see you thrive.

To the lovely ladies who got yourselves a March 2020 Lemonade Box, we're certain you're having a whale of a time. We suggest you run yourself a soothing bath or shower, giving yourself a nice clean with your CALM DOWN Body Wash and a gentle, cleansing, exfoliation session with your Mother of Pearl Soap Sponge. When you're out of the bath or shower, get that Feather and Down body lotion and massage it into your skin - as you'll know, this is an absolute MUST, if you want to feel truly relaxed. Next, how about placing one of your five Happy Place Moodpatches under your eyes? You'll be able to relax for 10-15 minutes, remove the patch, rub in the excess product and feel sensational. You can then apply some highlighter to the light areas of your face (tip of your nose, tops of your cheeks, cupids bow, etc.), or use it as a subtle eyeshadow, to give your skin a little glow. Finally, you can grab that BumbleZest health shot, drink and taste the exotic flavours, sit back and relax. That's your self-care Sunday sorted.

For those of you who didn't manage to get yourselves a March 2020 Lemonade Box, our April boxes are available to preorder, now! Go get yourselves one, before we sell out, again! There's a discount code for you at the end of this blog. 2. Clear your schedule

Have you said yes to a few too many plans recently? Do you just wish you said no? Don't worry. As humans, many of us do this, far too often. We feel as though we need to say yes. We need to do that thing for that person and we need to do this thing for this person. The truth is, we don't. Not always. Not if it comes between us and our happiness. Ask yourself which activities and relationships are truly adding value to your life, and intentionally make space for those things. As for the others, let them go. Let all things and/or people that do not spark joy, in your life, go. You'll feel the benefits. Believe us. 3. Try something new

Ever fancied yourself as a baker? Or wanted to try something artistic? Go for it, girl! The list if endless and so are the possibilities. There's so much around you that you can do. Get creative. Find a cake you like the look of on the internet and look up the recipe. Find some bits around the house that have been sat on your shelf for far too long, like that jigsaw puzzle - really challenge your mind. You could even start painting around the house. We don't know about you, but there's always odd jobs around the house that we never seem to make time for, and we should. We should make time for these things. It's all about keeping your mind busy and being productive. That's a big part of self-care. That sense of accomplishment means a lot.

So, get out your ingredients book, your paintbrush, that jigsaw, whatever it is that you fancy doing. It's good to keep your mind busy and your mind active. Have a look around the house, now, and see if you can find anything that takes your fancy! 4. Relax

Now, this can be a tough one. But, it's a total game changer. The art of doing absolutely nothing. Take a break from the endless scrolling through social media. Even if it's just for a couple of hours. Take a break from it. Turn off the news for a little while and watch a film that makes you feel warm and cosy inside, instead. Give your mind and body a chance to be still and get caught up in something, besides the worries in your head. We know it's difficult, but it really is so important to just switch off, sometimes. Make yourself feel something. Just, be. 5. Cleanse your body and mind

Run yourself a nice warm bath, or turn on the shower. Let the bathroom get steamy and add some essential oils to the room. Light your favourite candle and listen to some music. You could even read a book, if you're in the bath - due to personal experiences, we would not advise this, if you're in the shower.

You don't have to stay in the bath or shower until your fingers are wrinkly, but give yourself enough time to unwind and truly relax. Once you're out, use some of your beloved skincare products you've not had time for recently and take your time, think about every single movement you make and appreciate the sugar in that face scrub or the oils in your favourite serum. Finally, get into some cosy loungewear and make a start on the list mentioned above.

Thanks for reading, lovelies! We hope you enjoyed our list and will give the things on it a go. Self-care is so important and we want you to take it very seriously. We care about you, a lot! So, make the most out of your self-care Sundays, or whatever day(s) you choose to practice self-care.

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See you soon!

Lemonade Box

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