It’s simple. We want as many people as possible to enter the world of self-care. We aim to make it as easy and as smooth as possible by showing you that it does not have to be time consuming or an overwhelming inconvenience to your life. Instead, we want to walk with you on your self-care journey and see you glow with positivity and self-love.


To be frank (then we will go back to being Lemonade Box, ha-ha), we have both had our fair share of battles with maintaining happiness. From our own experiences, in addition to those shared by some of you beautiful women, we are aware of just how easy it is to put your merriment on hold, in order to attend to the seemingly eternal demands of life.

For us, enough was enough when we realised that forgetting to prioritise our own happiness was taking its toll. We knew that if we didn't take care of ourselves mentally and physically, we could run into more and potentially worse problems in the future. So, constantly feeling burnt out, lost and unhappy, we made a conscious decision.

We began dedicating a little bit of time from each day that was just for us, as individuals. Time we could use to simply relax and practice self-care. After committing to this for some time, we noticed that we were much happier. Our outlooks had completely changed and we realised the importance of loving ourselves and treating our bodies and minds with care and kindness, especially after running them both into the ground for as long as we had.

This inspired our decision to create the subscription boxes that make up Lemonade Box. We want to introduce people to the world of self-care, so they can truly understand and appreciate the significance of taking time out. No matter what is going on in your life and no matter how much you don’t believe it is necessary, your mental and physical health should always be your priority.

Life can get really stressful at times and we want to aid your happiness and relaxation as much as possible. So, when life does give you those sour lemons, let us be your Lemonade.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We look forward to our future with you.

- The Founders

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